30 Days of Happiness

As usual, I found out about something cool several days after it started…

On Sunday July 22nd, Oprah launched a “30 Days of Happiness” campaign. I’m not a viewer, but I have checked out her magazine in waiting rooms and such and it seemed pretty cool. I have to say that, fan or not,  I’m pretty on board with spending the next 30 days making a point to focus on happiness.

Since I’m also trying to write more these days, I will probably do a quick Happiness Post every day that will end up as a link on Twitter. So check ’em out and play along yourself using #Happiness if you feel so moved.

Because I’m starting on day four, here are three to cover the days I missed:

Sunday – Laughing until my cheeks hurt and holding hands at a funny move with my fabulous boyfriend

Monday – Sharing a sunny lunch break with my bestie

Tuesday – Do I have to pick just one? Sharing laughter with my friends, Ben & Jerry’s ice cream for dinner, my boyfriend coming to visit me before his 12 hour overnight shift (even though it meant cutting his sleep time short to do so), snuggling on the sofa with my puppy…yesterday was a very happy day : )

Today’s will be a post on it’s own, so stay tuned happy people!


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  1. kanalt17
    Jul 27, 2012 @ 11:11:54

    Fun! I would join in this movement but something that requires me to write a post everyday is too stressful for me – I’d never accomplish that and it would only cause me angst and therefore make me annoyed with the project. So I will live (write) vicariously through you! Looking forward to the posts!

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